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We sold millions of records and own Gold and platinum awards. If you are looking quality beats & instrumental, you came to the right place! We have been producing for over 10 years. The only production team with beats for sale that has real industry recognition in the form of Gold & Platinum plaques. Let's Make Hits!

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Music Production Credits

music production credits

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zaterdag 25 augustus 2018

Beats for Sale online

Instrumentals Beats for Sale online

Instrumental Beats for Sale has grown substantially in a very short period of time. This tells me that rappers & singers alike love what we do. However, we feel there is the urge to expand behind of what we have reached so far.

Despite our ambition, we also feel like it's our job to guide artists. To give tips and information. Intelligence that could potentially make or break careers. Don't buy your beats just anywhere. What follows next, is a break-down of what artists should look out for when picking a producer or outlet to buy beats from.

Credits: A producers net worth
Credits are a producer's net worth. Production credits gives you insight on the quality of the producer. If a producer has great credits, buy from him. Established artists DO NOT work with bad producers. A&rs make sure that every beat production on a major project is of the highest quality. That's why good credits=quality production.

In addition, you can thrust produce with good production credits. Who would risk their music industry career for leasing beats online? Right, they have way too much too lose for not to be loyal to you, the customer.

Omnibeats (multi gold & platinum) credits. 

When you buy beats, avoid distinctly low prices

Make sure you don't buy beats for under $10. Although Free Beats can seem great, you want to write to tracks that are at least somewhat exclusive.

Also, low prices indicate low talent &/or low worth. If the beats & instrumentals for sale are that good, for a good producer, any price under $10 is a straight giveaway.

Licenses: know which one to buy

A fifth recommendation is to know what license to buy. When buying beats, various licenses are optional. Know aforehand whether you want to work with mp3 or wav trackouts. Also, it would be convenient to know what type of commercial campaign you will take for the recorded song. However, in most cases you can always upgrade your lease or buy exclusive rights.

Thrust: symbols and certificates

Last but not lease, we will touch on thrust symbols. Signs of a good reputation are for instance: ssl certificate, paypal verified seller, antivirus certificates but also reviews on sites like Yelp or Google Business. Most good websites where you can buy beats have verified locations and contact information as well.

Concluding, it's not all good when you are out buying beats. There surely are some factors you should pay serious attention too as scammers are everywhere.
Usually credits and price levels are a good indicator. The better the credits and the higher the price, the higher the thrustworthyness and quality. That is what we recommend you use as a rule of thumb. Now click HERE to check out the catalog as we have both the credits and quality :). See you next time and Let's Make Hits!
-Fred Fisher